Founded in 1992, Kenhai Sdn Bhd began as a small transport business carrying sand and aggregates within Johor, which formerly known as Ulika Transport Sdn Bhd.

Strategically located at Kulai Jaya which is surrounded by Kulai highway, so can through the highway leading to anywhere. Kulai Jaya will also become the center of logistics in the future.

For more than 20 years, Kenhai Sdn Bhd has established itself as reputation of becoming at rusted supplier of sand and aggregates. It has vast experience and close ties with manufacturers, quarrying operations and suppliers in the surrounding area in Johor, Malaysia. It specializes in Providing a comprehensive range of sands and aggregates necessary for the uses of ready mix, building constructions and soon, therefore allows us to identify and source fit for purpose products

Mission and Strategy

Kenhai Sdn Bhd is providing of Best Product and Best Price Strategy its priority is to offer its customers "fit for purpose" products at the best prices possible. Kenhai enjoys close ties with more than 20 suppliers, manufacturers and quarrying operations-hence we are able to deliver the goods. We are in an excellent position so we are able to reduce the total delivered cost. These savings are passed on to its customers.
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